1.    Programming decisions and music selections for EXHALE RADIO are made on a non-discriminatory basis.

 2.    For best results please submit your music to Exhale Media in CD format. Preferably in a jewel case or digi-pak with a clearly legible spine. There should be an accurate track listing.  It would be a bonus if it’s numbered and with track times but that’s optional.  The disc should be accompanied by a “one sheet”  that contains a brief bio, track listing with focus tracks, any FCC violations, area dates and contact information. Although mp3 files and other forms of electronic media may also be accepted, considerations such as email server space, virus scanning software, and hardware limitations may negatively impact our ability to accept music submissions through these alternative means.  Accordingly, Exhale Media suggests submission of music via CD when possible.

Links to websites or attached MP3 or Wav files seem like an efficient cost effective method of delivery but those emails arrive with such frequency that there is no way possible to keep track of them.   A physical copy with accompanying information is the best way for your package to get attention.

3.    Music submitted must be of broadcast quality. Music submitted must be meta tagged and properly edited for broadcast, including the exclusion of defamatory, profane, indecent or obscene material. Music submitted will not be returned.

Frequently asked questions

Will i get to work on my own Project?

Yes, you are for sure working on your projects for which we have a specially designed project class as a part of the entire course.

Will i be able to stay in touch with the tutor even after the course?

You will alwyas be a part of Lomos network which consists of 10,000+ students and the tutors will alwyas be only a message away already ready to help you out!

Can I learn the software competely even the practical aspects of it?

Yes, even the smallest aspect of it wont be missed out!

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